The new Certified Project Manager in the company

The new Certified Project Manager in the company

My name is Anthony O'Brien and I am a certified project manager. I will be the new project manager for the project. As a certified professional, I will be the main contact person.

The most important thing I want you to know is that I am an extremely open and communicative person. You can always contact me on any topics related to the project, and not only.

I have many years of experience in project management practices. My new BVOP Certified Project Manager title is well deserved. I took my certification exam quickly from the first attempt. Reference:,

The secret of the certified project manager

The basis of the success of the project is good communication with the client, so from my side, you will have full cooperation. 

However, other issues are also important to clarify - for example, what are the priorities for you in the project. Do you want us to pay more attention to a given stage, which or which of the stages do you think we should complete first, etc? Reference: The need for a certified project manager,

If I do not bother you, I would like a list of contacts of everyone except you who will deal with the project on your part, so that communication can flow freely. Including contacts of third parties if such will participate in the project. Reference: Certified project manager for their training,

For my part, I keep all communication down to the last detail by e-mail. I do not exclude telephone calls, Skype, Teams, or any other platform, but after agreeing to action or completing one, there must be an email from one of the two parties. I insist on this, not because I am a paper rat who loves formalities, but for the protection of both sides - ours and yours. In this way, there will be no unregulated actions for which there is no evidence and we will avoid possible unnecessary disputes.

In addition to me, you can always contact my manager. I will also share his contacts.

I would like to discuss everything in an informal environment. Wonderful ideas are always born in conversation. And the meeting does not have to be entirely for work.

Difficult projects

You can be sure that the more complex a project is, the better it will do. Over the years, simple things have been a problem for me because I've underestimated them, but over time I've learned how important detail can be.

You don't have to worry about teamwork either, because that's where my strength lies. In the first years of my work experience, I noticed that I know how to find the strong qualities in my colleagues and unconsciously I managed to distribute the work so that each of us does basically what he is strongest at. Naturally, this did not go unnoticed by my supervisors, and at one point I was rewarded with a Project Manager course.

Rest assured that if there is a weak spot in the team, I will find it. Be sure that I will do my best to make each person feel as satisfied and useful as possible, and thus the quality of the projects will be at the required high level.

It is important to know that I am a communicative and direct person. If I have a problem I will not hesitate to share it with you. I will not save if I think that even you are mistaken somewhere.

Regarding communication, I think it is necessary to clarify the issue at our current meeting. First of all, so far I have worked in an organization with extremely liberal understandings and the communication was in a friendly form. I would also like to specify how you prefer to communicate - by e-mail or face to face. My personal opinion is that the mix between the two is the most successful. We can't waste each other's time arranging meetings for everything, but we can't discuss important issues just by email.

In connection with the latter, I can suggest that we meet once a week to present the progress of the projects, and once a month an official report on the subject. Meanwhile, the e-mail is a good form as long as something urgent does not arise, requiring a face-to-face meeting.

I know that I will raise the bar for expectations to myself a lot, but I guarantee a united team, teamwork, and high-quality projects. In practice, deadlines are often not met because of any problems, but I will try to keep this point to a minimum.

My story as a project manager

I have been dealing with project management for 7 years. I have worked in international companies of different scales and different areas of business. Today I follow mainly the BVOP methodology for my projects. Reference: Review of the BVOP Certified Project Manager program,

From a professional point of view, one of the most important things for me is timely and quality communication. I am not familiar with the work of the colleague who held the position before me, but I assure you that you can count on me. Reference: Qualities of the certified project manager, I contacted the client earlier this week and asked him to provide all the necessary information such as requirements, priorities, needs, contact persons, third parties, etc. so that we can start working on the project at full capacity. from the information we need. I offered the client to have a regular meeting and our next meeting is next Monday. I will invite all of you so that I can personally introduce you to the client, as well as you, in turn, to hear what his requirements are and ask yourself all the questions from the beginning. All information will be documented and shared with all of you, as well as with your managers.

My role as Project Manager

My role as Project Manager is to lead the project, monitor problems and risks, communicate promptly with all parties, and complete the project by the date we have agreed with the client and senior management. However, this cannot happen without you and your help. I will be at your disposal for any questions and problems. You can search for me on my mobile phone, by email, or via Skype / MS Teams. Last week I had a meeting with your managers and a Human Resources representative and we agreed that it would be useful if you as a team and I have a regular meeting every 2 weeks to discuss any issues concerning the project. This, of course, does not preclude you from looking for me the rest of the time. Your work is more technically oriented and I am not the person to tell you how to do it and to interfere in the technical part of the project. Whatever depends on me such as information, documents, rules and procedures, access to customer systems and technologies, etc., will provide it for you to have everything available and to do your job calmly and pleasantly. For everything to go according to plan and for all parties to be as satisfied as possible, to submit the project on time, please contact me with any questions or problems and inform me on time if there is a possible risk of delay. The other thing I will ask you is to keep your direct supervisors informed about your project tasks, deadlines, etc.

I will need your initial help on a few important things that would be very useful for our successful work together:

Determine which people on your part will participate in the project and please provide me with their names, contacts and what their responsibilities will be;

Please provide additional information about your project requirements and your priorities and needs;

Identify the systems and technologies that my team and I should have access to and please provide it;

If there are third parties you work with, please consider whether they would be of use to us in the project and if so, please provide a contact person.

I propose to hold a regular weekly meeting of all parties involved in the project. In this way, we can discuss all the important steps in the project. My team consists of ten people and I suggest to personally present them to you at our upcoming meeting. If you agree, I can schedule our first meeting for next Monday at 10 o'clock.

I will be waiting for your feedback on the points mentioned above and please confirm to me if you agree with the meeting.

Thank you for your cooperation and I am glad that we will work together! I am sure that our joint work will be very pleasant and the project will end successfully!

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I remain at your disposal.


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